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Cindy Paris

Cindy Paris

Cindy Paris is an ICF credentialed Coach and nationally recognized as a Master Facilitator and thought leader in the world of the Myers-Briggs Assessment and Psychological Type.

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Cindy learned from the best; she studied under the late Katharine D. Myers, former Director Emeritus of the Myers-Briggs® Foundation and co-owner of the MBTI® Assessment. For years, Cindy worked with Katharine by writing and editing her personal website and co-authoring numerous articles for the APTi Bulletin of Psychological Type. She has developed a distinctive approach to Type which calls on her proprietary suite of products based on the Eight Jungian Function Image Metaphor Cards™ .

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The People Skills Group

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Cindy Paris is an ICF credentialed Coach and nationally recognized as a Master Facilitator and thought leader in the world of the Myers-Briggs Assessment and Psychological Type. As an MBTI® Certified Master Practitioner and former MBTI Certification trainer for the publisher of the instrument, she is an expert in the application of the MBTI to enhance individual, team and leadership development and performance.

Cindy is also credentialed in a myriad of team and leadership assessments and models including the leading Emotional Intelligence Testing tool, the EQ-I 2.0, and the cutting-edge models of Conversational Intelligence and the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety which are based in social neuroscience.

Cindy founded her company, The People Skills Group, with the sole purpose of helping people develop the people skills to work better together – to build cultures of team trust – where people are valued, and allowed to contribute, the talents they bring to the table. Cindy has been facilitating and coaching teams and leaders to meet their goals since 2001.

Cindy’s first career was as in Law Firm Management and IT Administration. As such she knows first hand the issues that can arise when different personalities engage in the work place. Her mission is to facilitate processes that tap individual potential and increase appreciation for diverse styles. She approaches her work from the principle that self-awareness is the key driver for individual effectiveness, successful workplace relationships, good leadership and teamwork, and ultimately higher levels of trust and organizational performance.

Cindy’s entrée into the world of professional training and coaching was through the work and contributions of Isabel Briggs Myers and Carl Jung. Her passion for the models of these two iconic figures started in her early twenties, when she came across Isabel Myers’ book, Gifts Differing. Cindy learned her way of being in the world was okay, even though it was much different from most of her co-workers. At that point, Cindy embarked on a journey to become an expert in the field of Psychological Type so she could impart this valuable information to others.