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Catherine Stothart

Catherine Stothart

Author, Coach, Consultant, MBTI Practitioner. Author of the book, "How To Get On With Anyone".

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In 2018 Pearson published Catherine’s first book, How to Get On with Anyone: gain the confidence and charisma to communicate with any personality type. This book was the result of 25 years of working with individuals and teams in business and education. The most common problems people have relate to working with others - the insights, tools and tips in this book are the best way she has found to help them. And you can apply them in your life and relationships outside work too!

Catherine’s goal is to enable leaders to grow and develop, so they can make a positive difference to the people around them and to their organisations. She uses personality Type, (eg MBTI), Temperament and Interaction Styles to help her clients understand themselves and each other so they can work together more effectively and get the results they want

Catherine is a Leadership and Team Coach with Airbus, and a partner in Google’s Master Faculty of virtual facilitators. Other clients include Audi, KCOM, Astra Zeneca, Wirral Metropolitan College and United Utilities. She previously held posts in HR and Learning & Development in Ford Motor Company, Mercury Communications and ICL. She has lived in Egypt and Brazil and now lives in Chester, UK. She has a BA (Oxon) in English, a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour from the University of London, and qualifications in coaching, MBTI Steps 1 and 2 and several other psychometric instruments.